HRV Systems

Engrgy Saving and Indoor Air Quality

The quality of your employes comfort depends on your office indoor air quality. That's why Monarch offers a complete range of HRV systems equipment that is designed to control indoor condensation, humidity, pollutants and odours by replacing stale air with fresh warm outdoor air.

Our models have two "almost silent" fans and an "Air-to-Air" Heat Exchanger which recycles heat that is otherwise wasted. True HRV systems recover and re-use up to 90% of the heat from the warm air extracted from the office. It is an extremely energy efficient way to re-use heat you have already paid for. The air introduced as a result is fresh and warm.

The air introduced does not mix in any way with the air that is extracted from the building - it just steals the heat!

Our HRV Systems are designed to replace the indoor air once every 3 hours (8 times a day) to ensure that excessive moisture and indoor contaminants are diluted away, so the indoor enviroment is fresh, dry and healthy. 

High quality filters will capture 80-90% of particles including, dust, pollens, allergens and mold spores.

Acoustic insulated ducting ensures 'whisper quite' air transfer and better air temperature retention.

Stylish flat diffusers, insert in your ceiling for an unobtrusive look, are fully adjustable for balanced airflow into each room. We can also custom make diffusers to suit your needs.

Open fires, gas fires, wood burners, heat pumps and most other heating appliances are all suitable for use with HRV Systems.

Heat pumps are one of the most common heat sources used in New Zealand. Nearly all heat pumps only re-circulate the existing moist air in a room, but do not bring in fresh dry air. This results in a build-up of moisture in the office. For this reason the combination of a heat pump and a HRV is a very effective total building heating and ventilation system. HRV Systems can also re-use cold air from air conditioners for a cool recovery solution in hot summer months.


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